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Internship as a DevOps Engineer in Tokyo

In mid-June 2019, I started an internship with Bosch in Tokyo, Japan. Till mid-November, I am going to work as…

Limit and Offset with Spring Data JPA Repositories

Limit and offset are two properties often requested for requesting data out of a database. Implementing them with a SQL…

autobahn-spring – Integration of Autobahn|Java and Spring

Are you an enthusiastic user of Spring and do you also want to benefit from the Web Application Messaging Protocol?…

JUnit 5: Using Lists as an Argument for Parameterized Tests

JUnit 5 is one of the most common Java frameworks for unit tests. Version 5 offers parameterized test and is…

Dynamic Programming: Saving Results to Be More Efficient

Dynamic programming is the process of splitting a complex problem into simpler sub-problems, storing the values of each sub-problem and…

wamp2spring – WAMP Router with Topics and Procedures

wamp2spring offers the option to serve as Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) router publishing on topics and registering remote procedures….

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