October 5, 2018

Felix Seifert Starts Blogging

Recently, I realised that it is not satisfying enough to just learn how to code with different techniques and to apply them. Therefore, I have decided to blog about some of the topics that I have learnt, with the aim of teaching them to others. Hopefully, this will provide you with a more detailed insight into my work.

Additionally, I will share some personal milestones with you. These could be programming-related events that I have attended or topics concerning my career progression.

Planned articles

I already thought of some of the articles that I plan to write:

  • Explanation on how to use Autobahn|Java
  • Instructions for setting up a Crossbar router locally
  • The application.properties file in Java
  • In-memory databases for testing

The plan might change if I come up with new or different ideas. To stay updated, visit my blog every now and then.

Please keep in mind: I am still a university student and this might be time-consuming. Therefore, new articles might not be published regularly but eventually they will be made public.

If you are interested in my work which is not mentioned on this blog, please visit my GitHub page: github.felix-seifert.com.

Till now, I do not see anything in the logs. Therefore, I should start writing into the logs.

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